Portronics All Pen 4In1 OTG Digital Pen (Item Code GA01)

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    Product Description:

    In our day to day activities, we write, use stylus on touchscreens, transfer pictures and music from smartphones to laptops, all through the day. Instead of carrying different devices for these tasks, would you not want a single magic pen to do all these tasks? All Pen is a Multifunctional 4-in-1, practical and affordable, professional executive style pen. The soft, stylish and very durable conductive tip for using as a stylus on touch surfaces is located of the pen top. You can use the TF card reader, simply by opening the pen. Also the built-in OTG is ideal for transferring data, music video and picture files from android phone to laptop. And, as a stylish executive ball-point pen, you can enjoy smooth writing and replace refills as usual


  • Brand: Portronics
  • Model: ALL Pen
  • Built-in stylus
  • OTG connector
  • TF card reader
  • Stylish Pen
  • Micro USB connector on one side & USB 2.0 on other
  • Stylus
  • Ball point Pen
  • Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Note: Colour depends only on stock availability

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