Frequently asked Questions

EDGE REWARDS  does its best to deliver your rewards to you on time. However, minor delays can occur from time to time. In case of a delay, you can check the status of order in the Order Status page after logging in to the website. In case there seems to be a problem with the delivery, you can also call our Customer Service Number at 1860-419-5555, 1860-500-5555 or reach us at (You need to inform us within 30 days of date of redemption).

EDGE REWARDS  sends you SMS’s and emails at every step of the dispatch and delivery process so you are kept informed. You can also track the status of your delivery by logging in to>My Transaction History

Delivery will be made only at the registered address, and in case of e-voucher, at the email ID registered with the bank. In case the member has changed his address recently, he would need to visit the nearest Axis Bank branch to request for a change in address. The same holds true in case a change has to be made in the email id registered with the bank.

No delivery will be made to P.O. Box addresses or to addresses outside India, unless otherwise explicitly mentioned in the catalogue.

Your e-vouchers will be delivered to your registered email ID. Store vouchers and physical products are location specific and would be delivered to the registered address.

You can have your rewards delivered only to addresses registered with Axis Bank. This includes communication addresses, email addresses and Mobile numbers. If you wish to update your communication / shipping address, you will need to visit the nearest Axis Bank branch with the relevant documents. To update your email address you can update it on Internet Banking, and to update Mobile Number, you can either visit your nearest branch, or an ATM.

Do note that even if you’ve provided an alternative email address at the time of registering for EDGE REWARDS , this does not impact the email address you’ve registered for Axis Bank Account, cards or loans.

No, you can only have the gift sent to your address. However, you can always send the gift forward once you’ve received it.

In case you’re facing a problem with redeeming points with Partner Brands, you can call our Customer Service Number at 1860-419-5555 or 1860-500-5555 or reach us at to get further help.

  • a. Online Rewards will be delivered to your bank registered email ID, instantly. In case of unforeseen delays,it will be delivered within a maximum of 24hours. Instant e-Vouchers once redeemed cannot be cancelled.
  • b. Gift vouchers will be delivered in 6 working days
  • c. All other products including multiple reward redemptions will be delivered in 9 working days for Metro* cities and in 9-13 working days for Non-Metro cities.

*Cities covered under metros: Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon including NCR region, Mumbai, Vashi, Thane, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Indore

In case you aren’t satisfied the quality of the reward you’ve received, or you believe that there has been damage in transit, you can call our Customer Service Number at 1860-419-5555 or 1860-500-5555 or write to us at You will need to quote your transaction ID, which is available on > My Transaction History. You also need to keep all the packing material etc intact for scrutiny. You will need to register this complaint within 3 days of receipt.

Pin Code Serviceability check provides an indicative delivery schedule of the rewards redeemed. The number of days displayed to deliver the rewards redeemed are approximate timelines based on delivery schedules of courier companies.

At the time of redemption, you can check the indicative delivery TAT of the rewards redeemed and to be delivered.

Here is a step-by-step guide for Pin Code Serviceability check option:

  • a. Select the reward from the reward store and click on ‘Redeem Now’ button
  • b. Enter the PIN code in the ‘Check Availability’ tab and click on Check.
  • c. You will get to know the information on indicative delivery schedule based on your PIN code.

Recharges & Bookings is a new segment introduced on EDGE REWARDS  website. We now offer real time redemptions online across 6 categories. You can now book flight tickets, make hotel reservations, buy movie tickets, download music, recharge your mobile and DTH services and also pay mobile bills instantly using your EDGE REWARD  points.

‘Points Plus Pay’ is a unique feature that enables you to redeem any reward you like, even if you don’t have the points for it! With this amazing functionality, all you need is a minimum of 300 points for any reward in the entire store! You can use the ‘Points Plus Pay’ feature to calculate how many points you are short of, and then calculate and pay its equivalent in money. What’s more, you can use any credit card to pay.

The ‘Points Plus Pay’ feature is extremely simple to use. Here is how it works.

  • a) The Points Plus Pay feature is available right below each reward. The box on the left indicates the points, and the box on the right indicates the money required, in order to redeem this particular reward. E.g.: In this case, you will need 500 points in order to redeemthis reward.

  • b) In case you do not have 500 points, you can use slide the button back and forth to view various other combinations of Points and Cash that you may use to redeem it. E.g.: If you have 450 points, you can slide the button to the right, until the box on the left shows 450 points. The box on the right will automatically calculate and tell you the amount in rupees that is left for you to pay.

Remember, you need to redeem a minimum of 300 points each time.

The basic structure of a family relationship is that all members of a family can link their individual customer IDs to one central Family ID. It is possible for both the customer IDs, and the Family ID to be part of the EDGE REWARDS  program. In fact, to maximize your earnings from EDGE, we highly recommend that individual members Customer IDs are linked to a Family ID! The advantage of linking Customer ID’s is that the points to all individual family members are awarded on the basis of Average monthly Balance of all the accounts in the family relationship! So even if you personally have not been able to maintain an average balance of Rs.25,000, as long as your Family balance is above Rs.5,00,000, you will still receive points for your transactions.

Points are awarded to the person within the family who carries out the transaction. It will reflect against that person’s individual customer ID. However, if a new member is added to the family, the points for that will go to the Primary family member in the family relationship. The points for all members of a family will be calculated on the basis of the balance in all the accounts of that family ID.

Points are awarded to the person within the family who carries out the transaction. It will reflect against that person’s individual customer ID. However, if a new member is added to the family, the points for that will go to the primary family member in the family relationship. The points for all members of a family will be calculated on the basis of the balance in all the accounts of that family ID.

No, there are no additional charges for transferring points on EDGE REWARDS .

EDGE REWARDS  is not liable or responsible for any cancellation of transaction in case of points are transferred wrongly to an incorrect Customer ID. EDGE REWARD  points successfully transferred cannot be credited to your EDGE REWARDS  account.

The EDGE REWARDS  program is designed in such a manner that the eligibility criteria is very simple to understand. To be eligible to earn points you need to have one or more of the below products, and be a customer of good standing with Axis Bank. Remember, if you have more than one of the products listed below, you’ll be earning points on all of them.

To view our vast array of earning options, click here, or read our Terms and Conditions to know more.

Eligible Savings Accounts

  • a. A Priority Savings Account with a minimum average balance of Rs.25,000 per month
  • b. An NRI Savings Account with a minimum average balance of Rs.25,000 per month
  • c. Burgundy Account
  • d. Inaam Account

Eligible Current Accounts

  • a. Normal Current Account (CANOR)
  • b. Local Current Account (CALCA)
  • c. Business Advantage Current Account (CAADV)
  • d. Business Global Current Account (CAGBL)
  • e. Business Privilege Current Account (CABPL)
  • f. Business Classic Current Account (CABCA)
  • g. Business Select Current Account (CASEL)
  • h. Channel One Current Account (CACH1)
  • i. Club 50 Current Account (CAC50)
  • j. Current Account Pharmaceutical (CAPHM)
  • k. Current Account Pharmacist Druggist Chemist (CAPDC)

Eligible Credit Cards

  • a. My Business Credit Card
  • b. VISA Silver Corporate Card Individual Liability
  • c. VISA Silver Corporate - J&S
  • d. VISA Gold Corporate Card Individual Liability
  • e. VISA Gold Corporate Card - J&S
  • f. Easy Gold Card Salaried
  • g. Signature Card with Lifestyle Benefits
  • h. Signature Card with Flexible Spending Limit
  • i. Wealth Signature Credit Card with Travel Benefits
  • j. Gold Business Credit Card
  • k. Easy Gold Credit Card - Self Employed
  • l. Infinite Reserve Credit Card
  • m. VISA Platinum Credit Card
  • n. Insta Easy Credit Card
  • o. VISA Secured Platinum Card
  • p. My Zone Credit Card
  • q. VISA Gold Card
  • r. VISA Gold Std Card
  • s. VISA Gold Plus Card
  • t. Secured Gold Card
  • u. VISA Silver Card
  • v. VISA Silver Plus Card
  • w. VISA Classic Silver Card
  • x. Secured Silver Card
  • y. VISA Platinum Corporate Card - CCIL
  • z. Titanium Credit Card
  • aa. My Choice Credit Card
  • ab. My Choice Image Credit Card
  • ac. My Wings Credit Card
  • ad. Signature Defence Card
  • ae. Pride Platinum Defence Card
  • af. Privilege Credit Card
  • ag. Neo Card
  • ah. MasterCard CCIL Credit Card
  • ai. Shopping Reward Credit Card
  • aj. Select Credit Card
  • ak. Buzz Credit Card
  • al. Pride Platinum Credit Card
  • am. Pride Signature Credit Card
  • an. Freecharge Credit Card
  • ao. Magnus Credit Card

Eligible Debit Cards

  • a. Priority Platinum Debit Card (MasterCard/Visa)
  • b. Instant Welcome Kit Card For Priority A/Cs
  • c. Platinum Chip Card
  • d. Gold Debit Card
  • e. Business Titanium Rewards Card
  • f. Ladies First Card
  • g. MasterCard Gold Plus Debit Card
  • h. Wealth Card
  • i. Privee Card
  • j. Titanium Rewards Card
  • k. Domestic Debit Card (NRI)
  • l. NRI International Debit
  • m. Titanium Prime Debit Card
  • n. Titanium Prime Plus Debit Card
  • o. Titanium Domestic Card
  • p. Smart Privilege Card
  • q. VISA Classic International Card (Inaam Account)
  • r. VISA Classic Domestic Card (Inaam Account)
  • s. Burgundy World Debit Card
  • t. Online Rewards Debit Card
  • u. Secure + Debit Card (Visa/MasterCard)
  • v. Business Platinum Card
  • w. Display Debit Card
  • x. Mariner’s Debit Card
  • y. Axis Active Debit Card
  • z. Priority Platinum Chip Card
  • aa. RuPay Priority Banking Card
  • ab. Rewards+ Visa Debit Card
  • ac. Value+ Debit Card

EDGE REWARDS  is the only Banking rewards program in the country that offers you over 70 ways in which to earn rewards. With Axis Bank and EDGE REWARDS , you can start earning with the smallest of transactions, requests and actions.

With EDGE you can

  • Earn on products, such as cards, accounts
  • Earn on transactions, such a credits, spends and download
  • Earn on upgrades and additions, such as introducing a new family member or upgrading your card
  • Earn on Partner Brands, such as bonus points for using your Card with some brands

Click here to see how.

For Priority Savings Accounts, Burgundy Accounts and NRI Accounts, the points are calculated on the basis of the average monthly balance (AMB) maintained in all the accounts under your Customer ID.

If AMB is between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 you will earn ‘x’ reward points

If AMB is between Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 5,00,000 you will earn ‘2x’ reward points

If AMB is greater than Rs. 5,00,000 you will earn ‘3x’ reward points

Members eligible for the Family Banking will earn points on the basis of the family banking relationship maintained with the bank.

For Example: If the total family relationship value is greater than Rs. 5,00,000, and the AMB balance maintained by the same individual is between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 then the family members will earn 3x points due to his family relationship value.

Click here to know more about Average Monthly Balance calculation.

NRI Savings account customers can earn EDGE REWARD  Points on all inward remittance transactions as given below:

S.No Value of Inward Remittance converted to INR Points
1 Less than or equivalent to INR 2 Lakhs 80 Points/Lakh
2 Greater than INR 2 lakhs to INR 5 Lakhs 100 Points/Lakh
3 Greater than INR 5 Lakhs to INR 10 Lakhs 120 Points/Lakh
4 Greater than INR 10 Lakhs 1,000 Points/Transaction

For Example: If a non-resident customer remits an amount of INR 1.80 Lakh, the customer will get 80 EDGE REWARD  points and not 160 EDGE REWARD  points since the threshold of 2 lakhs is not achieved

You can earn minimum 80 EDGE REWARD  points and maximum 1,000 EDGE REWARD  points per month.

You can earn EDGE REWARD  points with any inward remittances credited to your NRI Savings Account.

You can remit money into India through any of the online (Internet Banking-REMITMONEY) and offline modes (through branch banking channel)*
*Visit to know more, on the ways to remit money to India.

There are many ways in which you can earn bonus points with EDGE REWARDS . Here’s how you can earn bonus points and speed up your earnings

  • Our Partner Brands give you bonus points from time to time.
  • Special Axis Bank products like Rewards Cards and Online Rewards cards also offer bonus points on specific transactions.

Click here to view current offers and the current point structure.

Click here to check the Earn Rules.

Click here to shop for your favourite brand gift cards.

Axis Bank and EDGE REWARDS  provides you multiple ways to view and access your points.

  • Internet Banking – You can view and use certain functionalities of the EDGE REWARDS  site such as view, transactions history, etc. through your Internet banking.
  • Mobile Banking – Axis Bank brings you EDGE REWARDS  on the mobile. View your points history on the go, and even access specific functions like download a points statement.
  • The EDGE REWARDS  site -, our site is designed to help you utilize the EDGE REWARDS  program to the fullest. Register on this site to view not only how many points you and your family have, but to see our suggestions on how you can earn faster (with our ‘Earn Faster With’ section), and to view 'Specially for You' from our store! Most of all, it is necessary to register on this site to redeem, so this is the easiest way in which to access your points and rewards.

The fastest way to earn points on EDGE REWARDS  is to view the ‘Earn Faster With’ options provided on the EDGE REWARDS site. These options given to you are based specifically on how many points you have earned previously, your earning rate and a number of other factors.

We do our best to have EDGE REWARD  points credited to all our customers in an accurate and timely manner. We credit points to all our EDGE REWARDS customers on the 27th of each month. These points are reflected in the account statements of the relevant months.

You can log in to internet banking, mobile app, to view your current points balance, as well as the history of transactions where points were earned / redeemed by you. In case you still feel an error may have occurred, please feel free to write to us at, or call us 1860-419-5555, and we will do our best to resolve your problem.

You can earn points on any or all of the below types of relationships, products and even transactions!

  • a. A Priority Savings Account with a minimum average balance of Rs.25,000 per month, or a Burgundy Account.
  • b. A Credit or Debit Card
  • c. Current Account
  • d. Forex Transactions

To view our vast array of earning options, click here.

At EDGE REWARDS , we understand that the number of banking transactions you may carry out in a month could be limited. This is why we’ve built additional options for you to earn, which aren’t to do with banking. In addition to your banking transactions, we also provide the below options for you to earn.

  • Partner Deals – Some of our partner brands give you additional earning options with bonus points if you purchase something from them using a card. For the complete list of Partner Brand stores and their offers, click here.

No, as a Burgundy customer, you have an exclusive relationship with Axis Bank, and you will earn points for all your transactions irrespective of the balances you maintain in your savings account. Click here for a full list of transactions on which you can earn points.

The AMB or Average Monthly Balance on which the points will be awarded to you will be on the basis of the month prior to the month on which you are carrying out the transaction. For example, in the month of May 2015, if you carry out any transactions that will earn you points, these points will be awarded on the basis of your balance in the month of April 2015.

You can earn EDGE REWARD  points on Outward Remittance through internet banking or branch, on loading and re-loading of Travel Currency Card and on your Travel Currency Card spends. To know more details kindly visit ‘How Can I Earn’ page on EDGE REWARDS  website.

Only those Corporate Card members where the payment is done by the individual and not the company are eligible to earn EDGE REWARD  points on their Axis Bank Credit card. Corporate cards where the liability of payment is with the corporate will not earn any EDGE REWARD  points.

As an NRI Customer, as long as you hold one of the below accounts, or carry out one of the below transactions, you will automatically earn points.

You can earn on

  • a. A Savings Account with a minimum average monthly balance of Rs.25,000 per month, or a Burgundy Account, or an Inaam Account
  • b. A Credit or Debit Card
  • c. Current account
  • d. A Family Relationship
  • e. Forex Transactions
  • f. Trade reported per day

To view our vast array of earning options, click here.

If you have a NRI – PIS account with Axis Bank, you can earn maximum 20 points for the trade date. Points earned through eligible earn actions will be credited to the EDGE REWARDS  account by the 20th of the following month.

EDGE REWARDS  Points for NRI PIS Transactions are applicable only on scheme codes NREPI and NROPI.

Points are calculated by rounding down the transaction value to the nearest integer and as per the criteria set for each Axis Bank product. For example, if the transaction value is Rs. 259 it will be rounded off down to the nearest integer Rs. 200 for purpose of calculating points.

Purchases on add-on Credit Cards will earn EDGE REWARD  points. These points will be credited to the primary EDGE REWARDS relationship holder's account. Only the primary account holder can redeem these points.

The simplest way to do this is to visit our ‘How Can I Earn’ section in case you have any queries. This section tells you what products / services / actions you can take to earn points, and how many points you will earn as well.

No. You will earn EDGE REWARD  points on loading of Travel Currency Card only if it is paid through Savings Account.

  • a. If the spends on Travel Currency Card are done in any other currency other than USD, it will be first converted to USD as per the prevailing exchange rate on 1st of that month ( Month in which the transaction has been done ) and then EDGE REWARD  points will be calculated.
  • b. Points will be credited on a cumulative basis for all transactions done in the month.

    *E.g.: Customer has spent a cumulative of EURO 300 in January, 2014. The exchange rate prevailing on 1st January, 2014 is 1 EURO = USD 1.38. The equivalent USD amount now becomes USD 412.73. Basis the earn rule as mentioned above the customer account will be credited with 164 EDGE REWARD  points for USD 412.73.

You are eligible to earn 5 times the reward points every time you shop or dine with your Titanium Rewards Debit Card or Rewards+ Debit Cards. Card holders need to use their valid Titanium Rewards Debit Card or Rewards+ Debit Card as the mode of payment to enjoy 5x EDGE REWARD points for every Rs. 200 spent on dining or shopping at an apparel store

No, there is 5% cash back for movie transactions, using your Titanium Rewards Debit Card. You will not be entitled to earn EDGE REWARD  points while availing the cash back on your movie spends.

Yes, you will continue to earn 1 reward point on domestic and international spends, for every Rs. 200 spent.

Yes, you will earn 2X points for every Rs. 200 spent on utility bills paid online with your Online Rewards Debit Card.

No. You will earn points on the Current Account transactions as specified in the earn rules on the website; however points will not be provided for Current Account Debit Card transactions. For example – If a customer has Business Platinum Debit Card and Club 50 Current Account, then the customer is eligible to earn points, however the customer will earn points only on the Club 50 Current Account and not on the Business Platinum Debit card.

You can earn 500 EDGE REWARD  points in a week (subject to timely change) based on 70, 000 steps you clock in the GOQii Pedometer.

You would also earn EDGE REWARD  points for the contactless payment done using the POS Terminal.

    To Activate your Active Band, follow the below steps:

  • a. Step 1: Find the Barcode in the Active Box.
  • b. Step 2: Tap on the camera icon in the Active section of Axis Mobile.
  • c. Step 3: Select ‘Take Photo or Video’, & place the barcode below the camera, focus & then click. Retake the image if it is blurred.
  • d. Step 4: Tap on ‘Use image’ and the barcode would be decoded.
  • e. Step 5: Check if the no. populated matches with no. printed in the barcode or manually enter the barcode number.
  • f. Step 6: Tap ‘Proceed’ to continue.

Wear your Active Band for your daily activities. Sync the band once daily or atleast once in 3 days with Goqii App. You would automatically avail loyalty points if you fulfil the weekly target of 70, 000 steps, starting from Monday and ending on Sunday.

EDGE REWARDS  program is Axis Bank’s bank- wide loyalty program for all Axis Bank customers. Being a part of this program means that you earn EDGE REWARD  points on your everyday banking activities, which you can then spend on over 500 exciting rewards spread across various categories.

The EDGE REWARDS  program came into effect 5th March, 2013 onwards with rewards for credit card, debit card and savings account customers.

The program has been extended to the Axis Bank NRI customers with effect from 1st December 2013, to Forex customers & Travel.

Currency card holders with effect from 1st Jan, 2014, select Current Account customers with effect from 5th November, 2014

Effective 10th November 2014, EDGE REWARDS  Program is now available to all Axis bank customers. For new eligibility and earn criteria please click here.

You don’t need to register for EDGE REWARDS  program separately. As long as you fulfill the eligibility criteria listed above, you will be able to participate in the program

To view our vast array of earning options, click here.

No, there are no charges on EDGE REWARDS . EDGE REWARDS  is a rewards program that is designed to reward your relationship and growth with Axis Bank. Make the maximum use of it to enjoy some incredible rewards from our collection.

To change your Bank Registered email ID, please visit your nearest Axis Bank branch or ATM.

In case the status of your Axis Bank relationship changes – upgrades / downgrades / account closure & opening – this will impact your EDGE REWARDS  relationship as well. The points will be calculated with respect to the changed status from the date of change.

You can redeem points from our carefully put together Rewards Store & even at a Partner Brand's outlets.

At EDGE REWARDS , we try to ensure that you can redeem your points for the rewards you desire. With this in mind, we’ve created ‘Points Plus Pay’, a feature that allows you to pay the equivalent of points in money. Just input the no. of points you wish to redeem (you need a minimum of 300) and 'Points PlusPay’ calculates how much you need to pay as the balance. So now you can get the reward of your choice, even without the points!

You can start redeeming your points as soon as you reach a minimum threshold of 300 points.

There are 3 ways to redeem:

  • a. Internet Banking: Log on to Internet Banking with your Customer ID & Password. Click on EDGE REWARDS  on the Account Summary page. Accept the Terms & Conditions and then click ‘Redeem Now’ to view the Rewards Store. Choose the reward of your choice from various categories, add to basket & confirm the redemption. After accepting the Terms and Conditions for the first time on Internet banking, you can easily redeem your points the next time you log in to EDGE REWARDS  through Axis bank website using this feature.
  • b. Axis Mobile : Download the Axis Mobile. Click on ‘Rewards’ tab from the Menu to view your points balance. Go to ‘Redeem Now’ section and click on 'Rewards Store'. Choose the rewards of your choice from different categories, add to basket and confirm the redemption.
  • c. Contact Center: You can redeem your points for products displayed at the ‘Reward Store’ through the contact center by calling 1860-419-5555 or 1860-500-5555.

Points earned on a particular day will expire after three years. For E.g.: Points earned on 10th January 2013 will expire on 10th January 2016.

Points will also expire in case there is no account activity over a period of 365 days. E.g.: If you have not done any earn transactions, redemptions or have not logged in to your account for a period of 365 days from your last transaction, your points will expire on the 366th day.

You can use your points at a Partner brand's store in the simplest way possible - in lieu of money!Just use Debit or Credit Card to pay.

To redeem your points at stores, you will need to visit the website of our partners, and check out the details of our points being accepted at their stores. You also need to make a minimum purchase of Rs.100 to qualify for points usage. Any Terms & Conditions mentioned on our partner brand's websites are in addition to the Terms & Conditions of the EDGE REWARDS Program.

Yes, if you have enough points, you can choose to redeem them for multiple rewards at the same time. All you need is a minimum of 300 points per reward to check-out your cart.

e-Vouchers are mailed only to the registered email address as provided in your bank/ card account with the bank. Please visit the bank branch to update your registered email address.

All instant e-Vouchers will be sent to your registered email ID. The email will contain 16 digit code and in a few cases 6 digit pin which you will need to present at the payment counter at the retail stores.

To use instant e-Vouchers for online shopping, key in the 16 digit code along with the pin wherever applicable at the payment step.

For detailed terms and conditions and steps to redeem, refer the individual emails received with instant e-Voucher codes.

Yes, you can now redeem your EDGE REWARD  points at select merchant outlets. Instead of settling your bill with cash, you can make purchases utilizing your EDGE REWARD  points balance. List of participating Merchant outlets are updated on the EDGE REWARDS  website.

In case you are facing a problem with redeeming points with Partner brands, you can call our Customer Service Number at 1860-419-5555 or 1860-500-5555 or reach us at to get further help.

No, points once expired cannot be re-credited.

Credit Card customers with minimum 300 EDGE REWARD  points balance can redeem their points at select Merchant outlets. For the complete list of Credit Cards on EDGE REWARDS  Program, please visit Terms & Conditions section at

There are two ways to redeem your points at POS,

  • A. Using Points only, when your invoice value is lesser than the points in your card, you can pay using the points. When you choose this option, Re 1/- will be deducted from the invoice value and the balance will be paid by points.

    For e.g.: A bill value of Rs. 100 at a partner store, 495 EDGE REWARD Points worth Rs. 99/- will be debited from the point balance and Rs. 1/- will be debited using the eligible Axis Bank credit card by the customer. Customer enters Card PIN to complete the transaction

  • B. Points + Pay, when your invoice value is higher than the reward points in your card, you can redeem all the reward points and the balance will be paid using the card.

    For e.g.: For a bill value of Rs. 5000 at a partner store, if you have 4,000 EDGE REWARD Points worth Rs. 800/- all reward points will be debited from the point balance and Rs. 4200/- will be debited using the eligible Axis Bank credit card by the customer. Customer enters Card PIN to complete the transaction

    In Option A, why is Re 1 debited from my card even when I have sufficient points?

  • This is a process by the bank to enable 2 factor authentication, to ensure that the transaction is safe and secure
  • Rupee 1/ debited from my card, is it part of my invoice or am I charged additional?

  • Rupee 1 is debited from your invoice value and the customer is not charged additional or extra
  • Will the rupee 1 debited from my card be reversed?

  • It will not be reversed since Rupee 1 is debited from your invoice value and the customer is not charged additional or extra.

No,Debit Card customers cannot redeem their EDGE REWARD  points at Merchant outlets.

All products available in the Merchant outlet can be redeemed for EDGE REWARD  points, however the minimum bill value should be greater than or equal to Rs.100.

You can get the details of the EDGE REWARD  points required to buy a product from front desk executive of the participating merchant outlet.

Total number of points redeemed is not available on the customer copy, however Axis Bank sends an SMS and an email to their customers on any redemption done at the merchant outlet using their EDGE REWARD  points. You can check the total points utilized for the said redemption in the SMS trigger and the email sent to your bank registered email ID and mobile number.

Redemption at Merchant outlet can be done on swipe as well as chip enabled cards. On the chip enabled cards the redemption is done without asking for the pin number. The cashier will use the chip and pin enabled card as regular swipe cards.

Sometimes due to various blocks appearing on your Bank account, the transaction is not processed, therefore we request you to call our phone banking team on 1860-419-5555 or 1860-500-5555 to understand the reason for the same.

This situation may occur sometimes due to a technical issue while transacting at the merchant outlet. A credit note or gift voucher of equivalent value will be issued by the respective merchant outlet.

Cancellation of order once placed at merchant outlet would depend on the Terms & Conditions of the Merchant outlet for which EDGE REWARD  points have been utilised. Axis Bank will not be in a position to cancel the order or entertain any cancellation request for orders placed at the merchant outlet using EDGE REWARD  points.

If you wish to cancel the purchases made at the Merchant outlet, the corresponding refund will be governed by the terms and conditions of the participating Merchant outlet. For all cancelled transactions, EDGE REWARD  points will not be credited back, a credit note or gift voucher of equivalent value will be issued by the respective merchant outlet.

Yes, redemption at merchant outlets can be done partially using points and cash. If you have insufficient EDGE REWARD  points to purchase the product at a merchant outlet, you can use your available points and make the balance payment using Credit Card / Debit Card /cash.

The points would be credited for redemption within 5 working days of completion of current week, that’s is starting from Monday and ending on Sunday.

In case you are facing a technical difficulty while logging into the site you can call our Customer Service Number at 1860-419-5555 or 1860-500-5555 or reach us at to get further help.

You can also login to the EDGE REWARDS  Program in ways other than the website.

  • a. Internet Banking – Login using your Internet Banking registration details
  • b. Mobile Banking – Use Axis Mobile to access the EDGE REWARDS  Program.

To find a reward you love, you can browse our Rewards Store section of the site. You can visit a section that interests you, and click on ‘See More’. This opens up more rewards for you to view within the same category. As you browse, add items to ‘My Wishlist’, so you can view them all together before making your choice.

My Wishlist’ is a feature that compiles all the rewards that you have shortlisted. Adding a reward to ‘My Wishlist’ as you browse is a smart thing to do, because you can view all the shortlisted rewards in one go later, helping you choose the right reward for you. ‘My Wishlist’ remains intact even if you sign-out, so you can always come back and choose from ‘My Wishlist’ later, instead of having to browse and select all over again.

There are two ways to add a reward to ‘ My Wishlist

  • a) Bring your mouse on top of the reward and click on the ‘ Add to Wishlist’ option. The star will turn golden once you click it.
  • b) Click on a product to view its details. Then click on The ‘Add to Wishlist’ option.

Visit My Points >My Transaction History to view your past transactions on EDGE REWARDS . You can view both points you’ve earned, as well as rewards you’ve redeemed in the past year.

The new EDGE REWARDS  program site comes to you with a host of features that make the site easier to use, fun to login to, and is also personalized for you! It has

  • a. Access through Mobile application
  • b. Hand-picked Rewards
  • c. Gifting options like gift wrapping and personal messages
  • d. Status of your reward dispatch and delivery
  • e. A complete history of your points earnings
  • f. Option to download your transactions for the last one year
  • g. An easy to browse Rewards Store with ‘My Wishlist’, sorting options, etc

The new mobile app is great way to use the EDGE REWARDS  Program. Through this app, you can use all the functionalities on the site, as you would on a laptop or computer.

While redeeming your points on the EDGE REWARDS  website, the ‘My Cart’ section is where all your rewards you want redeemed will end up. In order to complete the process, you need to check-out your cart. You can even save items to your cart, and come back for them later. In 'My Cart' you will also be provided with an option to get your reward gift wrapped. The gift wrap will be done at an additional cost of 30 points. You can also personalize your gift by adding a simple message to it.

You can simply receive a new password by clicking on the Forgot Password link and entering your customer ID. A new password will be sent to your registered email address.


Login Using Internet Banking