Terms & Conditions

  • EDGE REWARDS  program:
    The EDGE REWARDS  program from Axis Bank allows eligible members to accumulate Points for transactions and other actions as may be specified by Axis Bank from time to time. Points accumulated on such transactions may be exchanged for a wide variety of rewards as may be offered by EDGE REWARDS  program from time to time.

  • Member:
    An EDGE REWARDS  Member is an eligible customer of Axis Bank who chooses to avail the benefits of EDGE REWARDS  program. An EDGE REWARDS  Relationship means one or more of the Axis Bank products and services, listed in (How Can I Earn) that are eligible for inclusion in EDGE REWARDS  and are availed by a member.

  • Points:
    EDGE REWARD  Points are the reward points credited to a member’s EDGE REWARDS  account, as a result of any EDGE REWARDS  member’s transactions that are eligible for the earning of points as per the terms of the program. EDGE REWARD  Points may also be debited from the member’s account when redeemed or expired.

  • EDGE REWARDS  Account:
    The EDGE REWARDS  account means the account of transactions relating to EDGE REWARDS  for a particular member and includes earned, less redeemed and expired Points.

  • Products:
    Products available in the EDGE REWARDS  mean the Axis Bank products (banking products, services and transactions) on which the customers will be earning reward points in the purview of the EDGE REWARDS  program for their transactions / earn actions as defined by the program.

  • Rewards:
    The Rewards pertain to all items on the rewards catalogue and offered by partner in exchange for points accumulated during the program.

    The above definitions would hold true for all transactions and communications pertaining to EDGE REWARDS  program.

  • Axis Mobile:
    “Axis Mobile” or “App” shall mean and include ‘Axis Bank Mobile Application’ offered by Axis Bank to its Customers.

  • Internet Banking:
    “Internet Banking” shall mean and includes the internet banking facilities offered by Axis Bank to its Customers.


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