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    Product Description:

    Say Goodbye to those extra calories, flabby muscles and high girth size. Now you can get a trimmer body, toned muscles and a healthier you with Waist Reducer. A Multi-functioning, high elastic design improves blood circulation, reduces muscle flab, tones and conditions your body so that you look fitter, trimmer and slimmer perform those upper and lower back exercises with renewed vigour and zest with Waist Reducer. Exercise sitting on a rug or standing on the foam pedals, you can strengthen the leg muscles.


    • Waist / Pull Reducer reduces your Waist and Strengthens Abdominal and Lower Back muscles.
    • Highly Elastic Body ideal for Slimming& Strengthening Stomach, Waist and Legs.
    • Contoured Foam Pedals and Handles gives you blister free workout.
    • Easy to Use and Carry Makes it Portable.
    • Product contains only one Pull Reducer - Body Shaper.

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